Female Psychopath – no Peace, something “Wrong”

If you have a psychopath in your home, you will be painfully aware that something is wrong.  There will be no peace, and you will feel the presence of chaos as they lie, cheat, and turn your life upside down.  You cannot get close to them—you cannot reach them, yet at times they can be witty and helpful. They will spoil your joy and happiness.  They are not loyal and will poison you...
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Female Psychopaths – small clues

“Small clues can lead to big revelations!”  Taken by themselves, individual incidents may not determine if someone is a psychopath. You have to add up the incidents and keep track of the totality of broken promises, hostile suggestions, charming manipulative schemes, demonstrations of callousness and lack of regard.  You may discover you have a psychopath...
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Female Psychopaths – 1% to 4% of population

Psychopaths may make up 1 to 4 % of the population.  Dr. Robert Hare, the preeminent psychopathy expert, mentions the 1% statistic in his writings, and Dr. Martha Stout, another expert, suggests the number may be as high as 4%. For more info:  www.winisbooks.com

Female Psychopaths Politicians

Research shows that people who show substantial psychopathic traits often gravitate towards positions of influence and power. Some pursue politics as the perfect vehicle for promoting their innate narcissism while exploiting people and situations for extreme personal gain. For more info:  www.winisbooks.com