Female Psychopaths – All about Winning!

The female psychopath is fearless, willful and bends others to her will from when she is young.  The female psychopath dominates and controls. She is all about winning! For more information: www.winisbooks.com

Female Psychopaths – Can Look As Normal As Anyone Else

“[G]ood people are rarely suspicious:  they cannot imagine others doing the things they themselves are incapable of doing; usually they accept the undramatic solution as the correct one, and let matters rest there.  Then too, the normal are inclined to visualize the [psychopath] as one who’s as monstrous in appearance as he is in mind, which is...
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Female Psychopaths – Aggressive Predator or Passive Parasite?

A major researcher of psychopathy, Benjamin Karpman, identified two broad categories of psychopaths …the aggressive predator, who satisfies her needs by extremely aggressive and callous predatoriness, actively taking what she wants,  and … the passive parasite, who gets what she wants by the parasitic “bleeding” of others, often by appearing as a helpless individual in need of infinite...
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