Psychopaths Prey on Vulnerable, especially in Challenging Times

I hope everyone is doing well. We have all been taken by storm by the onset of this virus that has turned life upside down.As the author of Born to Destroy, the first instructional book on the female psychopath, I am all too familiar with psychopathic deceit, stunts, tactics and fraudulent behavior.  My mother and sister were masters at fooling people and they always got away with it without anyone knowing they were psychopaths.We are all especially vulnerable at this time. Be on guard against conning, manipulative schemes. Conscienceless people with steely hearts know how to exploit those who care. Many are looking to take advantage of us.  Psychopaths strike when they sense vulnerability.  While we are concerned for the health of our family, friends, and colleagues, and we fear the unknown, be ever mindful that the psychopaths among us are always ready to pounce.  Please be careful now more than ever!