Female Psychopaths – Psychopathic Narcissists

“The weight of clinical research supports the hypothesis that psychopathic personality organization is one subtype of narcissistic personality disorder, albeit an extreme and dangerous variant.” — quoting J. Reid Meloy, Ph.D, The Psychopathic Mind For more information: www.winisbooks.com

Female Psychopaths – No Loyalty …Grossly Selfish …No Guilt

“[Psychopaths] are incapable of significant loyalty to individuals, groups or social values. They are grossly selfish, callous, irresponsible, impulsive and unable to feel guilt or to learn from experience and punishment.” Kernberg, Otto F.,  quoting from DSM-II (American Psychiatric Association 1968), contained in Meloy, J. Reid. The Mark of Cain. For more information: www.winisbooks.com

Psychopathic Females – Histrionics for Exploitation!

Psychopathic women are known for their histrionics:                 — Emotionality that is excessive                — She gushes These are used as tactics, deployed to deceive and manipulate.Their acting can be very convincing and make you feel sympathyfor them – the better to win you over, so you can be exploited. For more information: www.winisbooks.com

Female Psychopaths – Excitement — Breaking Rules

“Psychopaths have an ongoing and excessive need for excitement — they long to live in the fast lane or “on the edge,” where the action is.  In many cases the action involves breaking the rules.” –  Quoting from Without Conscience by Robert D. Hare, Ph.D. For more information:  www.winisbooks.com

Female Psychopaths – What Does She Look Like?

She cons, she manipulates and she is callous and unfeeling. She is glib, superficial, charming and impulsive. She is a compulsive liar and never shows any remorse, guilt or shame. She is irresponsible and does not have realistic, long-term goals. She has poor behavioral control, is often sexually promiscuous and may use sexual favors to...
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