Female Psychopaths – Turmoil, Chaos Guaranteed!

If you have a psychopath in your home, you will be painfully aware that something is wrong.  There will be no peace, and you will feel the presence of chaos as they lie, cheat, and turn your life upside down. For more info:  www.winisbooks.com

Female Psychopaths – Envy can be the trigger!

The female psychopath is extremely envious.  Envy can trigger her motive to destroy.  If she believes you may be receiving more attention or have something more than she does … watch out!  She may target you for a fall, and you won’t even feel it coming! For more info:  www.winisbooks.com

Female Psychopath – Beware of Flattery!

Psychopaths can be witty and appear very likeable.  They are great for laying on the flatteries, especially when you have been targeted to serve their needs.  Psychopaths can feign being helpful … but there is always something in it for them! For more info: www.winisbooks.com