Female Psychopaths – 1% to 4% of population

Psychopaths may make up 1 to 4 % of the population.  Dr. Robert Hare, the preeminent psychopathy expert, mentions the 1% statistic in his writings, and Dr. Martha Stout, another expert, suggests the number may be as high as 4%. For more info:  www.winisbooks.com

Female Psychopaths Politicians

Research shows that people who show substantial psychopathic traits often gravitate towards positions of influence and power. Some pursue politics as the perfect vehicle for promoting their innate narcissism while exploiting people and situations for extreme personal gain. For more info:  www.winisbooks.com

Spotting female psychopaths

My mother and sister display high levels of psychopathic traits.  Living with them enabled me to see their entire personalities—not just what the psychiatrist or psychologist sees at the opposite side of the desk.   They sought to destroy me whenever possible.  Their strategy came in the form of innuendo to undermine self-esteem, or to bully me and turn...
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