Female Psychopath – no Peace, something “Wrong”

If you have a psychopath in your home, you will be painfully aware that something is wrong.  There will be no peace, and you will feel the presence of chaos as they lie, cheat, and turn your life upside down.  You cannot get close to them—you cannot reach them, yet at times they can be witty and helpful.

They will spoil your joy and happiness.  They are not loyal and will poison you to others behind your back.  They will return all your good favors with misery.  They are deceitful, aggressive and unfeeling.  They have a glossy, charming side to outsiders who will believe all the ugly stories they will tell about you.  You know in your heart they are “Different” from what is normal.  Yet you cannot pinpoint what is wrong.  You may be living with a psychopath!

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