Beware of the Valentine Psychopath

The psychopath never wishes you well — even if that person happens to be your boyfriend, girlfriend, or a member of your own family.  Beware of the Valentine psychopath — lying in wait to exploit you at a vulnerable romantic moment. The more envious the psychopath becomes of you, the greater chance you will become their next target. If you lend a psychopath any money, don’t expect to be paid back. The psychopath believes they are entitled to everything — including what  belongs to you. If you confront a psychopath, you can expect bullying, threats, intimidation, and even violence. The psychopath has a strong desire to control and their objective is to make short work of you and reduce you to feel like nothing. Standing up to a psychopath may cause serious psychological and emotional trauma. The reason I know all of this is because I have been a victim of the psychopath.