A psychopath is always dangerous in your life because you cannot see the real person behind the mask.  To a psychopath, you are nothing more than an object to be used and discarded.  The psychopath’s tactics are many:  they may charm you, bully you, ingratiate themselves to you … they may even make you feel sorry for them.  Whether they are a scamster or a murderer, the psychopath’s aim is to deceive you.  Psychopaths never play by the rules, and they are good at sizing you up to decide just how you can fit into their schemes.  If you let them, they will destroy your joy, your happy moment, your self-confidence, your self-esteem, and yes, even your life  — if you let them.  The reason I know all of this is that I have been a victim of the psychopath.For more information and the lowest price for Winifred Rule’s Born to Destroy, see Order through the PayPal link only. Price includes shipping and taxes.